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What Is Stage To Sell?


Staging is creating a feeling in the room that makes Buyers want to come in.  It is a marketing tool for selling your home quickly and for top dollar. Staging to sell is for the Buyer, not the Seller. It is proven that Staging sells homes more quickly and for more profit. Staging will always be less than a price reduction.


Home Staging is using the client’s time frame and budget to prepare a house for sale so it sells in the fastest time and at the best price. Staging is an investment. You can’t afford NOT to do it!

Why Is Staging So Important?

You can only make one first good impression! As a Buyer, it is easier to visualize their future home when it is Staged.  The following is why Staging is so important:


  • Creates Broad Buyer appeal

  • Use Buyers “eyes”

  • Rearrange, Refresh, Reduce

  • Sell the space NOT the stuff

  • Reduce days on market and/or sell for a higher price than marketed un-staged competition

  • Staging is a proven marketing tool


The first step is the in home Consultation where we provide essential tips to prepare your home for the market. This is typically two hours.

We will present a detailed design plan for each room. Both the homeowner and Realtor are provided with a comprehensive report.

Our Staging Professionals will work diligently and within your timeframe to prepare your house for sale so that it appeals to the largest base of home buying consumers. Depending on the need, we will complete one or all of the following: 


  • Utilize and rearrange your own furnishings & accessories  

  • Bring in our own collection of inventory + rental furniture

  • For Vacant Staging Projects, we will design and style starting with the main rooms; living room, kitchen, dining room + master bedroom

Staging costs will be determined after the consultation. 

We look forward to hearing your story and how we can help you close this chapter in your life and open the door to a new venture!
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