Part of Staging is being inspired. To be inspired by the potential of how space can be transformed is pretty amazing. Although homes have varying styles, every house has the potential to be the right home for a Buyer. I enjoy gathering my inspiration from the sea. Below are personal photos of one of my favorites on Cape Cod. Bringing the outdoors in is a key component to Staging. Nature adds those warm tones. The colors are brilliant and calming at the same time.


When I enter a home, I always look at what inventory will align with the appropriate style for each individual property. This may be crisp, sparkling whites in a kitchen. Or, bold greens and blues in a bedroom. Warmer colors as in a sunset complement a family or dining room beautifully. KR Staging & Redesign will always provide the suggestions that best fit in order to sell at top dollar.

"After 14 years in our home, we knew we needed a change but moving out was not an option. We found expert help from Karen Richardson. From the simplest ideas of working with what we had with our own furniture and wall hangings, to removing and decluttering unnecessary items, to adding important changes, i.e., colors and accessories, we had a remarkable improvement to our home at a very minimal cost. We highly recommend Karen Richardson of KR Staging & Redesign. She is truly a Gifted Professional!"   -Newburyport Homeowners

Every homeowner has their own unique style. It's our job to assess what you have, look at the features of each room, and determine what personal belongings should stay and what inventory we could bring in to make it a true showcase.


The pictures in the Gallery are good examples of a variety of color and style. It's important to look at what the Seller already has for inventory. In most cases, furniture and accessories can be repurposed throughout additional rooms.  


Prior to Staging a home or even a single room, it's essential to have a plan. You only have one chance to make that first good impression for a Buyer. We believe in accentuating the best features of the space. Simplify. Stage. Sell. Once we work together to accomplish this goal, you can close that door and move on to another! 

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