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Let's start with a complimentary phone consult. We will collaborate with you on the project that best fits your needs. This is approximately 30 minutes.

We will tour your home while offering feedback about each room. This includes highlighting the focal points, what needs to be changed, painted and refreshed. We will gladly answer any questions throughout our "walk and talk."

 We will take photos, measure and start creating a design plan.

Do not worry about remembering everything! We will present a comprehensive written plan for you including all of the Staging tips that you will need to market your home.  

This service cost starts at $250, depending on the type of property.

A Consultation typically lasts for two hours. 


Just as with an in-person Consultation, we will walk and talk with you remotely. For a final overview, we will gladly facetime with you when completed, providing you with finishing touches.

An integral piece of the Staging process is effective, open communication. We will always take the time to teach you how to integrate simple, styling techniques throughout your home. It is also about becoming knowledgeable about what Staging really is and isn't. 

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