Master Bedroom

What a transformation! The homeowner brightened up their bedroom with a simple fix and a good start - paint color! By rearranging the furniture and adding shades of blues and greens, Buyers are able to visualize the room with their own furnishings. It is a relaxing retreat at the end of a busy day. We kept the accessories to a minimum with this Stage to Sell property. A nice, clean look for any Buyer.



Guest Bedrooms



In the room below, the bed was placed below the windows to provide balance in the room. The white dresser was brought in from another space in the home and fit perfectly in this particular bedroom. Additional inventory was provided by KR Staging & Redesign in order to highlight the best features of the space and provide a "facelift" for the sellers' furniture.  



Below was a vacant bedroom that was in need of some color, warmth and accessorizing. This bedroom was transformed by highlighting the light and focal points in each room.


In the Master Bedroom below, we worked off of the paint color on the walls. The whites and grays complemented the lavender walls perfectly. The Seller didn't have to spend extra time and money painting these walls. Most of these pieces are the Seller's items. We accessorized with some of our own inventory but overall it just needed an organized, balanced, clean look.

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